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Vasectomies cancer linked: Could this surgery be killing you?

When it comes to get a vasectomy, most men simply just do it. They have decided that they do not want to have any more children in the future and this is the best fix. Scary new research is revealing that this could be killing you though. On Thursday, Medical News Today shared how research shows that vasectomies are being linked to cancer. About 15% of men have this surgery done.

New testing was just done and it is the largest study to ever be done about this matter. Co-author Lorelei Mucci, associate professor of epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health spoke out about their findings and said, "This study follows our initial publication on vasectomy and prostate cancer in 1993, with 19 additional years of follow-up and tenfold greater number of cases. The results support the hypothesis that vasectomy is associated with an increased risk of advanced or lethal prostate cancer."

This data is enough to scare some men into not having the surgery. The test actually studied 49,405 American men making it the largest study like this ever. There was no link found between having a vasectomy and low risk cancer. There was a link found though between other forms of cancer. They found a 19% higher risk for advanced cancer and a 20% higher risk of the lethal form.

Basically they can't say that you will get cancer from having a vasectomy. The results to this study do show that you need to look at your options and think about the pros and cons before doing it. This is not a surgery that should be taking lightly and every man should discuss it with his partner first. Make sure that you do your research and realize that it could put you at a greater risk for cancer in the future.

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