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Various ways laser measuring tools are used

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Laser measuring tools are devices used to measure distances with a laser beam. Rather than using a measuring tape or some other mechanical device, you can simple point the laser measuring tool and find out exactly how far away an object is. Laser measuring devices can be used by a single individual, making them a convenient choice for measuring larger distances. Laser measuring tools are ideal for any number of applications including the following:

. Real Estate - Real estate agents often take their own measurements to ensure accuracy when listing homes for sale. Instead of relying on a homeowner's memory, agents can quickly calculate square footage and other dimensions.

. Land Surveys - Surveyors, traffic engineers, contractors, geological engineers, landscaping, and others involved in land projects often use laser measuring tools to precisely measure land. Laser measuring tools allow for fast, accurate measurements.

. Construction - Specialized laser measuring tools help carpenters both calculate distances as well as ensure level construction. Some even project level lines on walls, floors, and other structures which guides builders as they construct buildings.

. Insurance Adjusting - Laser measuring tools are often used by insurance adjusters as they assess property damage. Laser measuring devices are particularly convenient when adjusters must measure distances covered in rubble and debris.

. Architecture and Interior Design - Architects and interior designers need highly accurate measurements as they design new homes and interiors. From measuring land, existing structures, distances from other buildings, and distances from natural land or water features to measuring window openings, living spaces, and beyond, the ability to point and measure distances with a click of a button is invaluable to building and interior design professionals.

. Manufacturing - Manufacturers, welders, and fabricators must follow precise instructions to create their products. Laser measuring tools provide the precision required to ensure exacting specifications.

. Sports - Hunters, archers, golfers, and other athletes commonly use laser measuring tools as part of their games. For example, a golfer may use a laser rangefinder to calculate the distance from the ball in its current position to the hole. This calculation helps the golfer determine which club to use and how much force to apply when hitting the ball. Archers also use laser rangefinders to calculate distances to their targets.

. Military - Military uses for laser measuring tools include engineering uses as well as artillery uses. Just as laser measuring tools are used by engineers to survey land, measure buildings, and calculate distances, the same is true of engineers who use laser tools on a military base. Laser measuring tools are also used by snipers to ensure accurate distance calculations.

In general, if you need a convenient, accurate way to measure distances, laser measuring tools make doing so a snap. Laser measuring devices come in many forms with some designed for specific applications. Whether you need a handheld laser measuring device to measure living spaces or a rotary device for more advanced calculations, laser measuring devices are a superior choice over traditional tape measures, rulers, and mechanical devices.

Mark Williams is a science geek and loves to learn anything related to laser technology. He works as a consultant for companies who are looking for laser manufacturing company and he highly recommends laser measuring tools from Coherent. Feel free to connect with him over at Google+ for more information or question.


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