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Various Human Races & Species?

Human races and different human species!

Red Ochre Elephant drawn by observation thousands of years ago!
photo by author

Watching TV news today shows different races and religions of the single modern human species don’t get along very well in mixed company.

The cover photo shows a prehistoric red image of a mastodon made in primeval Eastern Oregon by someone?

A coyote could not have created this clear elephant drawing long ago.

Most anthropologists today assumed humans and the huge Ice Age prehistoric animals never met?

Moreover, why the first human species to make cave art 39 thousand years ago didn’t survive as a separate human species today is troublesome.

Maybe with continued higher education, Human society can evolve past killing the different person or a person with a different idea?

This September first 2014 research revealed the first human art was not made by modern ancestors of humans.

First known Neanderthal cave carving found in Gibraltar cave

Neanderthals left a purposefully carved symbol in Gorham’s Cave in Gibraltar. The purpose and meaning of the symbol are not known and may never be known. The discovery of the first known cave drawing created by Neanderthals was the work of anthropologists, paleontologists, and chemists from France, Spain, and Britain. The discovery was presented in the Sept. 1, 2014, edition of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”

The cross hatched pattern dates to at least 39,000 years ago and was found in a cave that was a known habitat of Neanderthals. The cave carving had been covered by other Neanderthal artifacts and mineral deposits. Chemical analysis of the cave carving indicates that it was produced before the mineral deposits occurred. Physical analysis and comparison to known geological cracking in the same area indicates the cave carving was made with a sharp stone implement. The depths of the carvings indicate an intent and purpose behind the carving and not accidental creation from daily activities.”

The mental sophistication that is required to produce a symbolic representation of an idea is thought to distinguish man as a superior intellect.

This discovery indicates that Neanderthals were capable of the same mental function that is required to produce symbolic representations of ideas.”

Oddly, in the Middle East today, Sunni and Shiites followers are killing each other over their different beliefs in a shared religion?

One need not wonder why modern Americans still do not fund art programs in schools. They can be too controversial.###

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