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Various discounts and coupons for online purchase

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Nowadays, most of the people do online shopping. Online Shopping is easy, reliable, provides good discount and lots of facilities. The discounts are really great. They provide great stuff at such a low price. They provide us some coupons for claiming the discount on our purchases.


It is a type of document or a ticket, which one can exchange with the purchase to get a discount. These coupons are provided by the manufacturers or retailers. They basically do this for promotional means. These are distributed via different means like Internet, mail, newspapers etc. These are also provided so that the retailer or manufacturer can get more popular and give a nice competition to other retailers and manufacturers. They basically target some special areas and provide this facility to costumers in that region.

These coupons provide at least 50-60% discount. Mostly middle class families are attracted by them. A for middle class family doesn’t has time going to shop and bargain so they do online shopping and avail the offers and get the item purchased at a low price.

Now, Teenagers are also getting attracted to this. They prefer buying online rather than going to the nearest super market, shop or mall. They get fascinated by the quality, design, and wide range of choices available. They buy everything online i.e. shoes, garments, mobile accessories, and other goods etc.

There are more than 2,000 goods manufacturing companies that offer coupons.


These coupons are of different types:-

1) Coupons offering no shipping charges :- These coupons have a special offer that the company will not cost any charges of shipping or home delivery. Sometime shipping charges are very high so in that case these coupons can help you.

2) Free trial coupons :- In this type of coupon costumer can take a trail of the item, while it depends on the costumer that he wants to buy it or not on the basis of his liking of the product.

3) Coupons with the offer of getting an item free with the purchase :- These coupons are very popular on the online shopping portals. These coupons provide the same or the other item free with the purchase of the item having this offer. Even there is another offer like this i.e. buy 2 and get 1 free.

4) Discount coupons :- These are the most used coupons by the costumers. These are the coupons, which offer a discount on the MRP (Maximum Retail Price). These coupons are used by most of the people because these coupons enable the costumer to buy the item at a cheaper or lower price.


There is a special code written on the coupon, which helps the manufacturers to identify that it is original. This code also helps in identifying the offer provided by the coupon. These cods are also helpful for customers who have to provide the coupon code for availing the offer.

One can get various offers on My Deal Coupon Code and Groupon Malaysia Coupon Code. These coupons provide many exciting offers and discounts.

Coupon expiration

Most of the coupons get expired and have a date till it is valid. They have a minimum validity of 3-4 months and maximum validity of 1 year. No coupons are entertained after the date of expiry.

Methods of delivery

These coupons are delivered via different ways:-
1) Printing Media
2) Internet
3) Mobile (text message)

Thus, coupon is a wide range media, which helps the costumers to buy goods at lesser price while sitting at home.