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Academy Awards: Variety- The Children’s Charity of southern Nevada

We discuss the Academy Awards films, the stars and everything about the event.
An important aspect of the Academy Awards, this is one of the events
responsible for raising money for Variety- the Children’s Charity of southern Nevada.

Lauri Thompson, Chairman of the Board of Variety- The Children's Charity of southern Nevada. Lauri was interviewed along the Academy Awards red carpet.
(Photo by Sandy Zimmerman)

Lauri Thompson, Chairman of the Board for Variety- the Children’s Hospital of Southern Nevada, feels, “Oscar Night is for them.

Variety- the Children’s Charity of Southern Nevada has been in Las Vegas for over 60 years helping children with special needs. Las Vegas Variety was first started by most of the casino owners in the 1950’s who build three schools. We have the Variety School, now known as the Miller School, and the Variety Early Learning Center.

As we celebrate the Oscars at the Academy, we are raising money for a compassion fund. This is a wonderful compassion fund, it provides emergency assistance to any children and their families who have a special need for a medical bill or a hotel they need if something happened.

Social workers can see them immediately and provide assistance.

The Oscar Night is a big night but Variety- the Children’s Charity arranges fundraising events all year to continue helping the children.

Variety gives money to provide for children with special needs. We try to raise money for the Variety School for bicycles, games and other equipment.

We just gave an adaptive bicycle, a special type of tricycle, for a child with autism. There is a type of handle behind it for the parent to steer and push as well. The child can actually pedal.

That gets the child active playing and having fun. He can do things a normal child would do.

We also brought three swings from Australia which are wheel chairs. The wheel chair loads up into the swing giving the child the experience of swinging.

These are new applications for special needs children. It is all with the help of the community. We are supported by the community and people who come to the Variety events.”

Variety also provides specially equipped passenger vans to local nonprofit organizations for transport of children with physical limitations to and from medical facilities, schools and community enrichment programs.

Variety – The Children’s Charity of southern Nevada is an enthusiastic group of business leaders who donate their time, resources and energy to positively impact the lives of children in their own communities and around the world.

VARIETY Southern Nevada has served more than 20,000 children and raised and distributed more than $7,000,000 in grants and specialized equipment in our community.

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