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Variety of strange UFOs open May 2014 Ontario reports – part 1

May 2014 begins with a number of odd UFO sightings across Ontario.

On May 3 at about 9:16 a.m., a St. Catharines, Ontario resident was on the job outside when an “orange-red circular object” was seen just under the clouds. According to a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) report, the witness “found it strange”because there was also an airplane “in the same area above it. It was traveling from southeast, to northwest with the regular lights on.”

The circular object did not change color and appeared to travel at a normal speed. However, the witness added, “It was bright, then as it got a bit further it dimmed and then seemed to disappear.”

Twitching object

Also on May 3 at approximately 11:50 p.m., a Mount Hope resident saw a teardrop or shell-shaped object “twitching its way up in the sky.” Something the witness had apparently seen “at the same time every other night.” According to a National UFO Reporting Center report,“Over the past couple of weeks,” the witness said, these UFOs were seen from a bedroom window.

“Over the past couple weeks, (I) have noticed a UFO in the sky through my bedroom window – “sometimes days back to back.”

The witness noted that the object slowly rises, “wiggling its way up” in “very fast jerky movements. I zoomed in with a camera last night and it took on multiple colours, primarily a silvery/blue colour, seemed to change colours often up close, very flashy looking.”

The witness wrote that sometimes it looked like a shell but “the shape changed frequently from a teardrop to a shell shape with (a) bright blue beaming from it. One night, I saw a fire-like thing shoot out from the side, just the one time.”

The witness also noted that this particular sighting was watched for about an hour, during which time “two more appeared in the sky but in a different location, and they slowly moved together, spaced apart, up into the sky... again very quick twitching movements.”

On a final note, the witness wrote that while video taping the sighting, “my cats growled at me; they never do that.”

Pulsating red ball

On May 4 at approximately 4:13 a.m., a resident of London awoke from sleep to use the bathroom. As he returned to bed, he noticed a “red pulsating ball in the sky the size of a basketball.” According to a MUFON report, the “star-like object” moved in a straight path but made directional changes.

”I thought it was a star, maybe Mars, but no,” the witness wrote. “I went out to (the) living room and went out on (the) patio. It descended to the ground and within minutes, it changed direction and went up on a 45 (degree) angle heading to the north side of the city.”

The witness added that he had seen similar objects over the years.

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