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Varieties of Beneficial Breads

Nutrtional goodness kneaded and baked in every slice! Your favorite slice of bread may afford you more nutriotional benefit than you know!

White – The consensus seem to agree that white bread on the whole (no pun intended) is not exactly the bread of choice, especially if you have children who need their nutrients. Low in fiber, white bread, complements to its white flour component, is high in gluten and not a great choice for people seeking to lose weight and/or have blood sugar issues.

Wheat – A great type of bread if you are seeking to up your intake of folic acid, phosphorus, and magnesium. By the slice, wheat bread will also fortify you in vitamins B1, B6 and B3 as well as in zinc, copper and iron. Calcium in wheat bread ensures that teeth and bones have the utmost of support and the high fiber content supports gastrointestinal health.

Whole Grain – The high fiber content in this bread has been noted to be beneficial in weight loss. The myriad of vitamins present in whole grain bread have also been noted to assist in the prevention of Type II Diabetes, lower cholesterol levels, and prevents heart disease as well as heart failure. It is also known that whole grain bread prevents gallstones, breast cancer and may avert childhood asthma.

Pumpernickel – Dark in color and oh so light on the waistline, pumpernickel bread rings in at 41 on the Glycemic Index making it a great choice for dieters and diabetics. Pumpernickel bread is also a great source of fiber which aids in digestion (no wonder it is great for weight loss). The consensus of bread consumers tend to suggest that when you are out seeking the perfect piece of pumpernickel to veer towards the German varieties, such as Meslemacher and Rubschlager to get the most benefits out of your bite!

Rye – High in fiber, rue much like whole wheat and pumpernickel, aids in weight loss by quickly giving one a feeling of fullness. Also high in insoluble fiber, rye prevents gallstones in women and lowers the risk of Type II Diabetes. Lignans present in rye protect against heart disease and the phytoestrogens in those same lignans ease a woman’s transition into menopause and all while preventing breast cancer. Should you find yourself a pumpernickel and rye marble loaf hang onto it as you will instantly double your benefits towards feeling healthier!

Multigrain – Multigrain bread, often confused with, whole grain, is comprised of a collage of grains which can include oats, wheat, flax, barley, and buckwheat. Many varieties of multigrain have been known to have about 3 to 12 different varieties of grain in them making the nutritional and health benefits vary by grain so choose your slice wisely!

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