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Varied Forms of Closed Loop Marketing

How Are you Connecting with your Customers - Closed Loop Marketing
How Are you Connecting with your Customers - Closed Loop Marketing
Luis Balaguar

By: Tara Anderson

Nobody can deny the crucial role of closed loop marketing in catching the interest of the target audience and making them stay with you. However, many times even with the right availability of techniques, it fails to deliver expected results in absence of proper implementation of different methods. To make the best use of this marketing method, it is necessary to understand this process thoroughly and know about the tools for its proper implementation. In this highly competitive world, simple or elaborate marketing strategies in the absence of proper homework and research fail to deliver the right results.

This is an age of consumerism; there are numerous products of the same type available to the buyers. In such a scenario, selling items from a specific company and making it acceptable to target audience seems like an impossibility to say the very least. However, situation does not have to be bleak. Today, latest marketing tools are available to marketers that were not available earlier. It is up to the capabilities of the organization to leverage such techniques for attracting customers and boosting sales.

Those who want to use Closed Loop Marketing for business gains must understand that this versatile technique takes different forms. An understanding of these forms is necessary before their proper implementation in various situations.

Static Website Traffic Monitoring:
Web sites that use minimal interactive applications are not able to measure visitor response success. As a result, their main purpose of web development fails miserably. In such cases, developers track the usage of web page and number of visitors through an Application Service Provider or conventional log reports generated from the server. This is an archaic form of closed loop marketing technique since it helps to monitor activities on our website; however, it is not possible to get individual profiles using this technique.

Integrated Content:
Those having a static web content that is difficult to track and monitor, can benefit from content integration. This signifies the integration of static content with dynamic data garnered from compatible outside services, for improved tracking.

E-Mail Newsletter Tracking:
Non-interactive websites can leverage the benefits of closed loop techniques through appropriate newsletter services. Such newsletters automatically generate tracking links via a click through arrangement. Whenever visitors click on the links presented in the web content, this e-mail newsletter tracking service keeps track of the numbers and communicates it to website owners for proper monitoring.

Sometimes profile specific click through tracking service is also available in advanced Closed Loop Marketing Apps. Such closed loop services saves the profile of a user as soon as they click on the links. When they return, it is possible to correlate latest data with previous ones for tracking their interests and preferences.

Dynamic Website Scenario:
As opposed to static websites, dynamic varieties utilize a number of state of the art closed loop marketing tools for proper tracking and correlation with existing data. Find out all about the pages viewed, the responses given, products purchased, and links clicked. Marketers and website owners can track interests and leanings of visitors and used for real time content tailoring or strategy developments for maximum gains.

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