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Varicose Veins Removal is an Option for Many Birmingham Residents: Medicare May Help Pay

Varicose vein reduction may be paid for by Medicare.
Varicose vein reduction may be paid for by Medicare.
Professor C.O. Netzer Professor G. Rudofsky

People in Birmingham are finding new options to take care of varicose veins. The surgery is now an outpatient surgery and local clinics are specializing in the procedures.

Varicose vein surgery is a suitable option for veins which are just underneath the skin. Those veins which are entangled within a number of other veins are difficult to remove using surgery. Removal of small sized veins is possible through surgery. The visibility of varicose veins makes the process of physical removal easier. Usually a method called Sclerotherapy is employed to treat smaller, almost invisible veins. Certain complications are likely to occur if the person due for varicose vein surgery is undergoing a hormone therapy or if in case a woman is taking contraceptive pills. The person is usually suggested to not take any of these at least a fortnight before the varicose vein surgery. This is because it poses a high risk of a condition called Thrombosis. In this condition the blood tends to clot inside the blood vessel. If this happens then it becomes very difficult to perform the surgery for varicose veins.

In case there is a risk of Thrombosis then heparin are injected by doctors for making the blood thin and this in turn decreases the possibility of Thrombosis. Compression stockings are also recommended for use by the person to reduce the possibility of Thrombosis. The visibility of varicose veins to be operated becomes poor if the person is lying down. Therefore the affected veins are marked with a marker when the person is standing straight. An anesthetic is usually given, so the person doesn’t feel any pain during the surgery. Complete removal of varicose vein is helpful as it dramatically reduces the risk of recurrence.
After the stripping of varicose veins the cut made on the groin is closed with the help of some stitches. Because of various ultrasound techniques the surgery has become an easier process. Use of ultrasound guided tumescent anesthesia makes it easier to strip the varicose veins. The surgery involves removal of greater saphenous vein around the thigh.

The cut on the body is made from the groin and further bigger varicose veins are stripped and removed completely. A technique employed in removing varicose veins is VNUS radiofrequency ablation. Although normal surgeries are still preferred over this method but it is likely to become popular depending on the success rate of varicose vein removal. Endovenous laser ablation is also another method for performing varicose vein surgery. Removal of greater saphenous veins by these two methods has not been long lasting till now. Moreover the additional equipments required with the new processes takes a toll on the amount of money spent by the person. Both the methods are quite new but are most likely to replace conventional surgery in the near future. However, conventional surgery still remains the most popular method, more due to its success rate.