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Variants of Wooden Chair and the Best of Wood Suited for It

Owing to the cognition that human beings possess, the history of comfort is insurmountably well progressed and the best progressive field until eternity. Chairs have been a prominent ideal of early luxury that man came upon inventing and uplifting the comfort each time with his improvisations. Chairs have been widely manufactured today with the variations of wood, plastic, metal and even glass. They are widely available in all sorts of polishing, color and designs, to suit the varied functionality of its situated spaces.

Wooden Chairs
Throughout history, wooden chairs have always held their elegance and strength because of the usage of the right wood and make. Wooden chairs can and has customized to suit perfections and fill spaces for luxury and comfort alike. Wooden chairs rated best are on the quality of the wood, polish and garnish used to protect and guard its durability. The history of chairs is a proof to the fact that wood was the primary material used by the French to produce the first of the kind. From the 18th century revolution of chair industry that saw the built of oval-back chairs with uplifted seating, it has come a long way till the bean bags and crystal chairs of today. The recliners and butterfly chairs of this age has come past the progress and innovations of the yester year X shape plats, flat slats and balloon shaped backs to emerge into the backless barstools of the age.

Barstools: a viral trend of the age
Barstools are so-called after their utilitarian and debut factor of providing high stools with a footrest at the bar counters. They are available in all varieties today, to provide for the kitchen counters, dining furniture and other sorts of restaurants and parlours for their height factor. They were primarily designed for a public seating and has evolved extensively to suit most of the settings, since then. There are varied constructions of barstools as they can be made out of both wood and metal. Wooden bar stools are designed to suit the grandeur of the setting with its engravings and wooden finish, while metallic ones are the best contemporary option at a restaurant. Barstools seen today are irrespective of the former mandatory armrests, as the fashion has evolved into a barstool without the same. They can be adjusted or custom designed to suit the height preferred as well. In all commercial endeavours, this furniture is very portable and even used with ease as a weapon. The average height of a barstool is 30” or 26”. The padding is usually made of polyurethane foam for the usual chairs. They are usually created for the effect of tiki-bar.

Ideal Wood for Chairs: European Beech Wood and Ash Wood
One of the best manufacturers of wooden chairs, maxsungroup provides an extensive range of restaurant wood chairs, bar stools and stylish ingenious designs as well. They provide the best of wood selections as well. The most prominent of the wood used for the displayed furniture are European Beech wood and Ash wood. Both the varieties of wood weigh a maximum of 300-350 lbs and are renowned for their durability features. European beech wood is extremely resistant to all compression and splits. It is an extremely hard variety distilled in its own bark to provide maximum strength and stiffness. Ash Wood on the other hand is equally strong and elastic as well. Due to its elastic property, it provides immense resilience and strength to the chairs. The chairs as displayed on the site are available in the shades of dark walnut, walnut, mahogany, natural, dark mahogany and light cherry. The commercial gradients available are in contemporary, Oriental and retro styles.

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