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Vargas votes against immigration reform hangup

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House Speaker John Boehner, after the long months he denied House representatives an opportunity to vote on President Obama's comprehensive immigration reform, this week, stave off a vote stand taken by a large group of representatives. San Diego Rep. Juan Vargas (D) joined the petitioners seeking action in Washington, DC on building a path to citizenship for foreign immigrants.

The peitioners urged the House to take the bill proposed last year off the open work list for the congressional committees. Asking they discharge their duty to work on the bill. The Homeland Security and WOrkforce and Education Committees would lose an opportunity to rehash the deal on the bill that would guarantee full program action on securing the San Diego border, and build up the trained border patrol numbers, before simplifying entries into the U.S. made by foreigners who apply for provisional immigrant visas. The President's plan to build up the numbers of foreigner students seeking college degrees in the U.S. while on a student visa and the foreigners working U.S> jobs on an H-2b visa would go before House voters without committee input.

The breakdown of the Republican hold up on the bill vote Vargas stayed inflexible on would put an end to the wait on fixing the "broken" immigration system Vargas has worked on ending during the months Boehner kept congressmembers going out of their way in an attempt to finish work on the bill. Local plans to officially put a new path to citizenship in place in San Diego remain suspended.

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