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Vapor Zone Super Bowl Commercial Teaser Leaves Everyone Hanging

The invention of the electronic cigarette has certainly gained a lot of attention in recent months, mostly because the USA and other jurisdictions are trying to decide how they should regulate them. As a health writer, I see no harm in the water vapor emitted by e-cigarettes, and welcome them around me. Obviously I'm a huge opponent to tobacco cigarette smoking, so this is a very bold statement for me to make.

Vapor Zone is a rather new company in the budding electronic cigarette space, but it's already making waves with it's Super Bowl commercial teaser, which was released this week on various social media outlets. Produced locally, the teaser shows a controversial scene of a man with his back to the camera, standing in front of a urinal fidgeting with something out of the camera's view. The screen flashes the message "3 is a good number," and everyone is left hanging like the in the last episode of the Sopranos. The brand is young but clearly out there to make a name for itself in the industry. Offering the latest tank style e-cigarette batteries, Vapor Zone also offers users the ability to create over 30,000 different flavors of smokable liquid nicotine juice, or "e-liquid' as it's often called. Follow the link to view the Vapor Zone Super Bowl Commercial Teaser, or for a deep analysis of the product line, read this Vapor Zone review to see what it's all about. Made by International Vapor Group in Miami, Florida, they certainly did launch this brand with a bang.

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