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Vapen Red the weapon of choice

Redington Vapen Red Fly Rod
Redington Vapen Red Fly Rod
Robert J Wiebel & Redington

Melbourne, FL – May 16, 2014 – When one thinks about fly fishing in general, I believe that analogy is fly fishing is to golf what spin and bait casting is to baseball or football. I for one am a football guy. My dad use to take me fishing in upper South Carolina many years ago as a young boy. We had spinning reels but my dad’s favorite was his fly rod. I can remember being on the lake at first light where my dad rowed the wooded boat we used to fish in. He used it to catch bass along the lily pads that lined the shores of the small lakes we fished in Piedmont regions of Greenville, County.

Redington Vapen Red ly Rod
Robert J Wiebel & Redington

I never really caught on to fly fishing even though I own one fly rod and reel. I guess that for all the years I have been fishing, I never really gave fly fishing a chance. Maybe writing this article about the Redington Vapen Red fly rod will rekindle my interest.

Like golf, fly fishing takes a lot more technique than spin and bait-cast fishing. And a lot more finesse that saltwater offshore bottom fishing. To be able to place that fly at the right location on the lake, stream or river in different wind conditions, you will need to master the art of fly casting.

Because when fly casting, you are not casting the fly like one would when using a typical bass fishing bait-casting reel and an artificial lure, you are casting the fly line. The most important tool in the fly fisherman’s tool kit is the fly rod. Whence came the Vapen Red performance fly rod with its X-Wrap Technology and the exclusive PowerGrip handle that helps the fly caster cast with more authority and helps the angler make more powerful casts. In fact one does not cast the fly line, the angler fires it. Thus as the name applies, the Vapen Red, from the Old Norse and Proto-Germanic roots, is a weapon to be used to slay fish of all kinds.

Redington developed the Vapen Red fly rod blank with X-Wrap Technology by wrapping one layer of super-high density carbon ribbon inside the blank and another counter-wrapped on the exterior surface. This construction provides surprising power with little effort.
Looking to increase the performance of the Vapen fly rod, the PowerGrip handle was developed in consortium with renowned golf club grip company, Winn Grips. This new fly rod grip, instead of using cork or other synthetic material, uses an advanced polymer to form the grip that will not slip when wet and feels soft in the hand. After long hours of casting the fly fisherman will not get fatigued using this rod. The new advanced polymer grip is easy to clean and doesn’t chip.
So where does this leave us? By adding the X-Wrap Technology with the new advanced polymer PowerGrip and one gets a very high performing fly rod. The Vapen Red comes with the following features.
• X-Wrap graphite technology for maximum vibration dampening, strength and torsional stability
• PowerGrip-Our custom collaboration with Winn Grips, Non-slip Polymer Grip Technology. Reduces fatigue and amplifies power.
• Carbon fiber reel seat insert and custom anodized reel seat highlights
• Alignment dots for easy setup
• Custom logo designed grip
• High Quality black suede bag
• Integrated composite cork, superior durability
• Machined hidden hook keepers at reel seat on heavier rods
Lifetime Warranty

At 349.95 MSRP, the fast-action Vapen Red easily outperforms rods more than twice the price. So if you are in the market for a new fly rod, why don’t you take a look at the Vapen Red.

As a side note, Redington was a sponsor of the 2014 Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic, the world’s largest kayak fishing tournament. Redington donated a Vapen Red fly rod to be used as the prize for the fly angler who caught the largest fish. The money raised from this tournament supports Heroes on the Water and the Downs Syndrome Association of Jacksonville.

Until next time, be safe in the sun and have a great day in the great outdoors.

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