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VANTAGE - An original fantasy graphic-novel starring YOU


Christopher Stoll is doing the writing, illustration, production, and marketing of Vantage.
He has been doing freelance graphic art and illustration for nearly ten years, and for much of that has been hoping to publish for people who share my passion for adventurous experimental storytelling. In the vein of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Lord of the Rings. Vantage is an original graphic novel written and drawn from the first-person perspective. Casting you as the protagonist navigating a surreal fantasy world at war between the forces of Chaos and Control.

The story line : One night after falling asleep safe at home your eyes snap open on a distant dreamlike battlefield and you are rescued by a fierce woman named Scarlet. She pulls you to safety, feeds you, binds your wounds, and seems intent upon keeping you alive. Her world is being torn apart by a war between the great Lovecraftian powers of Control and Chaos (or as they more charitably refer to themselves, “stability” and “change”) and she believes that Earth is next. You must fight to find your way home from this ruined realm, all while piecing together clues that will save humanity from pitiless gods eager to pick the locks of their cosmic prison and unleash themselves upon our world.

Perks include appearing in the graphic novel, copies of the books, postcards and more.

Watch the video and pick up your perks here