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Vanity and your fashion


The word vanity is perceived as if were a bad thing. From my experience, it’s more effective than popping a couple valiums when your mind is splattered across 10 things you hate about life. Tragic. I know, but within reason.

It was the best of times, it was the worse of times... it was none other than the fat times. Everyone goes through the ugly faze, some more frequently than others. The hard part is getting out of it.
In comes the dating and socializing, of course involving frequent lunches and drinking. This never works wonders for your girlish figure, and what happens next? You’re unhappy with what you’ve turned into, and scorning and pretty little thing looking like she's living the dream that could have been yours.

What do I hate? Confused people who use this word (vanity) as a negative reference to fashion. It’s a shallow, materialistic, greedy cry for attention so the beautiful and wealthy can flaunt their riches. Thank you Hollywood for ruining our reputation! These writers and producers have divided Americans into categories of rags and riches, anything not designer and runway ready not accepted. We need a tutorial on what clothes really say, and how we can manipulate them into telling people who we are.

Self-admiration, love and worship are the three tiny elements we overlook in vanity. We forget that without those three there is no pride. We thrive off of confidence. One of the best forms of gaining self-assurance is by receiving compliments, and to do so we have to put effort in making our appearance stand out, in any subtle or loud form.

I’m not justifying the fashion industries need to flaunt skinny-minis down the runway or spread them out in catalogues and magazines. Except, there are a few things you have to understand about fashion to get into fashion. Designers are artist who express themselves through draping fabrics, mixing textures, and playing with a woman’s silhouette. That bony figure they use, over the typical curvaceous frame, is generically utilized out of convenience. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are trying to demonstrate what the perfect woman should look like. A simple form is used to draft a design that can be moved from a mannequin directly to multiple models for the runway and magazines. It’s kind of hard to find several plus sized models with the same sized bust, waist, and hip measurements, so why not go for those that have none?

Who hates being categorized and judged? Everyone. The big picture is not that one size or shape is excluded from a trend or style. It’s that we give up on trying to fit in. It’s apparently difficult to evolve from dramatic childhood scorning, high school taunting, and economic limitations. In comes retail therapy.

Think back to those flicks where the story revolved around the pretty girl. She was awesome, great lips, rack, and hair. Wasn’t it hilarious to see that her sidekick was always this frumpy geek who was the polar opposite of her lime lighted friend? That’s how the norm sees themselves. It’s like the "Betty and Veronica" effect. More relate to the simple friend who hates lip-gloss because it’s too sticky and straightening her hair, after all who has time for personal grooming, right? You should. If you shave your parts and floss daily you should blow-dry your hair and do something to your face. Even chap stick can make a difference. If you feel excluded from society because you don’t fit the status quo then blame yourself. There are no standards to being recognized as beautiful, it’s how you render yourself.

Just take what you feel is your best feature and compliment it. A “make-over” could be so easy that it hurts my teeth to even thing about having to list the countless, yet effortless, things you can do just to polish up. Nice eyes should definitely be lined. Making them pop draws people to you, the cheesy pickup lines start pouring in, and you my friend have discovered what it feels like to be confident. Same thing with your body. It’s yours, and whether you lose twenty pounds, can’t shake off those extra pounds or get knocked up, you should dress to flatter your figure. You can follow a trend no matter what the style, you just have to understand manipulation. It’s not complicated and it’s not mapped out what your clothes have to look like. Wear whatever makes you look and feel good, and that’s exactly what fashion is about.

Appearances matter the most when putting ourselves on that pedestal of what we see ourselves as or want to become. There’s a constant desire that’s a part of human nature to be happy, fulfilled, and desired. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to love, worship and admire who we are? I guess dressing up for the sake of our sanity doesn’t sound too vain, now does it?


No one is perfect.


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