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Vanilla Yogurt Dip

Today's dish is a super food that has a lot of antioxidants. It is called 'Vanilla-Yogurt fruit dip' The great thing about yogurt is it keeps you full for a long length of time where as chips do not. A lot of children if they had the option of chips or yogurt which one do you think they'd pick? The answer would b chips. So to prevent your children to snack and eat better then you have to eat yogurt too. Most children when they see another grownup eating yogurt chances are they will want to eat yogurt too. However this does not work on all children. Here is the recipe link.

Presentation is one of the main keys for anyone to eat. When you go out to eat at restaurant your most likely to choose a dish that is very eye appealing. Zinga Kenmore Square has great yogurt for a reasonable price. Check it out!

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