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Vanessa Hudgens Whole Foods: Actress shows off her muscles on a shopping trip

Vanessa Hudgens
Photo by Frederick M. Brown

Vanessa Hudgens is best known for her time on the Disney movies "High School Musical." She has grown up a lot since then though. On Friday, Just Jared Jr. shared pictures of her showing off her muscles while out on a shopping trip at Whole Foods.

Vanessa had on a very cute tank top that was a halter top as well. Along with it she was wearing a skirt and sandals. Vanessa had her jacket tied around her waist. She is looking great at the moment and you could see her arms really well. The muscles in her arms were enough to shock everyone. She is obviously staying in really good shape.

She was out by herself shopping and loaded the groceries into the back herself. Vanessa Hudgens has not been seen out a lot lately and so fans are excited to see her out. You have to wonder if she is really just taking care of herself or if this is for a role. Sometimes you have to get into really great shape for a movie role and this could be what is going on with Vanessa Hudgens.

TMZ also shared a picture of Vanessa running into John Stamos and sharing a smile with him. They were outside of the gym and walked by each other. It is unknown if they even know each other but they did at least speak on their way by each other. She was wearing the same outfit that she had on earlier while she was out shopping at Whole Foods.

It is great that Vanessa Hudgens is taking care of her body and worrying about herself. It would be great if a few stars could take a hint from her. This girl seems to have it together and sometimes that is hard to find in a star at her age.

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