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Vanessa Hudgens' Plaid Strapless Knockout Number: Splurge or Save?


Vanessa Hudgens in a Ports 1961 Drapefront Dress

After Vanessa Hudgens wore this 1961 Ports Plaid Drapefront Dress, the question "Where can I get my hands on that gorgeous dress?!" were sure to come across minds of women everywhere. I was one of them and immediately googled my way into finding that Saks Fifth Avenue was one of the only department stores that carried this exclusive number (now sold out). This dress with its $795 price tag definitely made its way on my "Lust List" - a list that many of you are familiar with, that mental list that holds all the designer and envy-worthy articles of clothing that we heartbreakingly wish we could afford and there's always that glimmer of hope that we will one day own one of those lust-after-worthy pieces.

I bookmarked this dress and I suggest to all of you to bookmark those pieces that you fall in love with because then you'll have a surefire way of checking back on it and being the first to know once it goes on sale! I have a collection of bookmarks that range from the Manolo Blahnik "Something Blue" pump that I fell in love with since watching The Sex and The City Movie to that sold out Antik Batik Sweater that I'm always hoping they will one day restock. 

And then while shopping at French Connection at the Santa Monica Promenade I came across this beautiful plaid dress. The color scheme and the cut compared to Vanessaa Hudgens Ports 1961 Drapefront Dress were incredibly similar and I knew I had to have it. French Connection's Cherub Check Plaid Strapless Dress came at a cool $69 price tag (ON SALE NOW!), about 1/10 of the price of Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens actually had her dress altered, because the original Ports 1961 Dress was at the same length as the French Connection's Dress was (as seen to the left). Tailoring your clothes can make a huge difference and you can make every article of clothing fit and flatter your own unique body shape. I brought my dress to Barneys to have them alter my new find to hit right above the knee (because of my short legs), which allowed the dress to elongate my body and flatter my figure much better then it would have if I had left it at its original length. 

Hurry and snatch up this wonderful find at your local French Connection store! I found this item on sale so sizes may be limited! For those of you who weren't able to find your sizes in the stores, don't worry, Bluefly has the dress in stock! Although the price on Bluefly $125, it's still cheaper then the original $178 price tag! Happy Shopping!