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Vanessa Hudgens Goes Nude for Fall

Eva Mendes shows off her coral manicure!
Eva Mendes shows off her coral manicure!

Celebrity fashionista Vanessa Hudgens is showing all of us this season's hot color, or rather in this case  the lack of color. It's showing up on the celeb scene and many celebrities such as Hayden Panettiere have chosen nude as their choice for their red carpet looks.

Beige and neutral tones have become not only the hot color for clothes, but also has become the IT color that's seen on celebs' manicures and pedicures everywhere. Look at Eva Mendes rocking that coral polish! Matte is the trend of this season and choose polishes of nude with pink or peach undertones, giving a soft touch to all those chunky sweaters and knee-high boots that we'll all soon be wearing as the weather cools down. My favorite is O.P.I Samoan Sand that I raved about in my Color of the Week article

Pump up the nude colors with attention grabbing accessories or get some notes from Vanessa Hudgens example in her snakeskin pumps. Gorgeous.Guess Snakeskin Pumps have the same look but if you want to splurge you can never go wrong with Christian Louboutin

My jewelry favorites have again been influenced by Vanessa Hudgen's boho jewelry choices. Melinda Maria has been the favorite of celebs such as Debra Messing and Megan Fox but their jewelry selection makes just the right statement to go with such a simple dress. Enter code PEOPLE30 to get 30% off their entire site! Take a look at my slideshow below for my favorite nude looks for this season!