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‘Vanderpump Rules’ star Tom Sandoval drops a bombshell

Tom Sandoval
Tom Sandoval
Tom Sandoval's Twitter

Vanderpump Rules” star Tom Sandoval may have broken up with Kristen Doute, but he is now dating Ariana Madix, the blonde girl from the show. The two had kissed in Vegas during a brief work trip, but it was later discovered that Kristen had done much worse before Tom’s trip. After breaking up, it appears that Kristen wants to ruin Tom’s chances of happiness. She is now claiming that she and Tom kissed last month, but Tom was prepared to prove the truth. According to a new Radar Online report published on Feb. 14, “Vanderpump Rules” star Tom Sandoval is now revealing that he recorded the entire conversation with Kristen behind her back.

On the reunion, Tom revealed that he and Ariana had been dating secretly since he broke up with Kristen. However, Kristen claimed they “made out when we were in NYC [in mid-January].” She hinted that it was in a hotel room, but Tom had the evidence. He posted a long message on Instagram this week, claiming that Doute’s claims are “absurd” and says, “I can tell you with 100% certainty that its false.”

In fact, Tom claims Kristen came onto him in his hotel room, and knowing it “might be an issue later” he “secretly pulled out my phone and recorded the whole occurrence. So I would have proof that I stopped anything from happening.” To avoid any confusion, he called Ariana immediately and told her what happened. “As soon as I got Kristen out of my room. I called Ariana immediately to tell her what happened,” he wrote. “I also informed Kristen about this the following day, when she said she didn’t remember what happened (lie). I warned Kristen about sharing the video w the press if she continued to lie and now I’m leaning towards doing so,” he hinted.

“I despise the fact that I even had to video Kristen attempting to come on to me, but from experience, I know what she is capable of. I really feel sorry for her and hope she gets the help she needs, and gets off the path of destruction,” he ends his message. It is sad that these two can’t just be civil. What do you think of her mean plan?