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‘Vanderpump Rules’ star Scheana Marie denies talking to Brandi about Eddie

Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules” star Scheana Marie has been working for Lisa Vanderpump for quite some time. She was at Villa Blanca first and then SUR. If that wasn’t enough, she angered Lisa’s former friend Brandi Glanville by working at her restaurant. However, the two of them have met up to settle their differences, but there seems to be more than one story. According to a new Radar Online report published on March 13, “Vanderpump Rules” star Scheana Marie has admitted that she cheated with Eddie Cibrian, but has continuously denied knowing that he was married.

“I sat down with Scheana for her multiple times to help her show “Vanderpump Rules,”” Glanville said. “And I said, ‘I will do whatever you like,’ and then I got tired of it. So I think I fed that b***h!” However, Scheana doesn’t see it quite the same way. She doesn’t agree with her statements that they met several times.

“It’s ludicrous. For her to say, we sat down multiple times with each other is a complete and blatant lie. We sat down once, which everyone saw. There were no other sit downs, so whatever she is talking about that Lisa supposedly asked her do for the show is ridiculous,” Scheana has revealed. “It’s confusing to me. Brandi is trying to hurt someone who was so good to her. Brandi had no friends going on RHOBH, and Lisa took her under her wing. She was the ONLY person there for her, but now Brandi is trashing Lisa and making up these stories. She is biting the hand that feeds her,” Scheana added. “It’s ridiculous for Brandi to say she was Lisa’s puppet. That was her choice to act like Lisa’s puppet. No one forces you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

There was only one meeting recording for the show. Brandi sat down with Scheana to hash out their issues during one episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” However, Brandi claims they met more than once to talk about these issues. One has to wonder why Brandi would meet with her when the cameras weren't around. Do you believe her?