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‘Vanderpump Rules’ star Kristen Doute cheated before Tom did

Kristen Doute
Kristen Doute
Kristen Doute's Twitter

Vanderpump Rules” star Kristen Doute finally came clean with her friends and boyfriend during the season finale, as she revealed that she had indeed been cheating on Tom during their relationship. And she did admit that she did cheat with Jax. However, she didn’t cheat because she was upset with Tom’s cheating in Las Vegas. According to a new Bravo report published on Feb. 4, “Vanderpump Rules” star Kristen Doute’s boyfriend is now revealing that she cheated with Jax before he cheated on her in Vegas.

“I approached the situation differently from the way Kristen had when she was hearing rumors. I chose to believe that she was innocent until proven guilty. I feel the reason why Kristen was so adamant about denying she and Jax had slept together was because it took place BEFORE my infamous "Vegas incident." So, the entire time Kristen was mad at me for straying from my horrible relationship by doing what I did in Vegas, she was doing far worse. . .with a friend of MINE!” Tom reveals.

He adds that he learned something new about his girlfriend. “I've also learned that Kristen will never admit to anything unless she is literally caught in the act. She will deny, deny, deny until years later when I have already moved on from that issue,” he added. And yet, he has stayed with her. Do you think it is interesting that she cheated before him?