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Vanderboegh: a cautionary observation

  "Sure, things are bad, but the system is basically sound."
  Keep on telling yourself that, if it makes you feel better.
  (Comic from xkcd.  Click to enlarge.)

Mike Vanderboegh commented on a recent shooting incident:

The men lying in grotesque shapes below were killed by savage thugs fighting for the right to carry on their criminal enterprise without restraint. They were keened over by their grieving mothers, wives, and daughters before being shoveled into the ground. Their sacrifice has already been forgotten by the larger world.

Boy, this sounds familiar, doesn't it?  After all, we hear stories of state enforcement thugs picking off the rabble all the time, without any discernable accountability.  (As Vin Suprynowicz put it recently, official shootings are always found to be justified, with jurors led "to their 'justified' verdicts like children dressing up their pet rabbits and walking them through a tea party in the doll house.")

Thing is, in this case, that actually wasn't Mike's point.  In the incident at hand, it was the (Mexican) feds that got ambushed:

Reuters reported: "Gunmen used a heavy truck to block a highway in the Western state of Michoacan and opened fire on a federal police convoy."

So, to be clear, here it was actually the private criminal syndicate attacking the politically-legitimized criminal syndicate, and successfully decking a number of them (the Reuters article says that ten were killed and an "unspecified number" wounded while "returning from a patrol"...jeez, patrols must run pretty big down there).  Without that clarification, though, the first passage could quite accurately describe this incident, or this* one, or this one, or this one, or...oh hell, you get the idea.

Mike did have a point with the post, however, and the essential fungibility of criminal syndicates aside, he is presenting the episode as a cautionary tale:

My thanks to KD for forwarding the sobering yet instructive photos below of an "emboscada" (ambush) -- an insignificant incident in a much wider civil war. Insignificant, except to the dead men and their families. It is easy to sit behind a keyboard in our clean, safe homes and and beat the drum for immediate gunfire against an enemy that is destroying the Republic in front of our faces. It is quite another thing to see, hear, smell and yes, taste, the aftermath of such gunfire and all the many tragedies and sorrows it brings.


The AP story above says that "Several assailants were also killed or wounded, but officials did not provide an exact number." This is likely a falsehood, just another example of the old body count syndrome. They don't want to admit that they got their clocks cleaned, so they lie.

But for all those who keep calling for immediate gunfire against the Regime, I offer these pictures as a cautionary note. Bedford Forrest was right, war means fighting and fighting means killing, and nothing is the same afterward.

Absolutely no argument there.  Those pictures are horrible;  among other things, the aggressors (well...those who opened fire first on that day) certainly chose their ambush site well.  Chances are, that point, at least, got across.  And although he did not address this point directly, I suspect that part of Mike's cautionary tale is in observing closely what happens next.  Who wants to place a bet that retaliation will not be at least as brutal, and quite possibly far more collateral?  Anyone? 

The best chance we have left to avoid civil war is to withdraw our support for the system that will cause it--entirely.  It's not the personnel.  It's not the party.  It's not even the specific form ("democracy", "oligarchy", "monarchy", "dictatorship", blah blah blah) that the state takes.  It's the whole rapacious political system itself.  This sort of carnage is brought to you and funded--entirely--by the "legitimacy" of tax dollars (and other forms of state theft).  Whether it's Mexico or Maryland, Acapulco or Anchorage, and of course regardless of who happens to be in the lead chariot today, war is simply too expensive to undertake...with your own money.

Withdraw support.  Consider it.  Sure sounds like a better alternative to me!

* Actually, maybe that quote doesn't really describe Waco that accurately.  After all, at Waco the Feds got most of the spouses and kids too, leaving the keening to a much smaller chorus...


  • Kent McManigal- 5 years ago

    Since it was one gang of bad guys killing another gang of bad guys I can't feel any sympathy here. But, since one gang claims legitimacy, and a monoply on force (even though it doesn't work) I'm glad they were the ones who lost this round. Callous? Maybe. But then I'd rather have seen Oscar Grant's murderer lying in a pool of his own blood, too.

  • straightarrow 5 years ago


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