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Vancouver winter farmers' market offers many choices

Hundreds of market shoppers gathered at Vancouver's Winter Farmers' Market on Saturday to shop, eat, stroll and enjoy the funky ambience of local products. This market offered a rich mosaic of choices including organic vegetables, fragrant herbs, meats, seafood, bread and cheeses so fresh you could almost hear the cows mooing. The colourful canopies covered precious displays of a rainbow of delicious seasonal items.

A popular winter food shopping location
B. Yaworski

Visitors could enjoy friendly chats and recipe sharing with helpful vendors – a diverse community of local farmers, fishermen, artisans, food preparers and more. A special highlight on Saturday included extra numbers of food trucks serving tasty treats to warm visitors on the chilly day.

Market organizers emphasize their goal is “to spread awareness of agricultural issues facing our largely urban society. These issues range from the truths about genetically modified foods, to fair pricing for agricultural products, to the glory of a variety of foods available with a locally-networked food system.”

The market also wants to create a smaller carbon footprint by trying to reduce plastic use at the market by encouraging shoppers to bring their own shopping bags or stop by their Information Tent to buy a reusable bag. Recycling stations were also on hand to collect paper, containers and organics.

Most of the food we eat has travelled thousands of kilometres before reaching our plate. Estimates are between 2400 to 4000 kilometres per meal. Because they do not need to be shipped over long distances, most foods from a Farmers’ Market help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, therefore helping keep the environment cleaner.

The Vancouver's Winter Farmers Market - held at Nat Bailey Stadium - will continue every Saturday, 10am - 2pm until April 26, 2014.

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