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Vancouver: Philip Rooyakkers creates app to reunite owners with their lost pets

PiP application screenshot Screen shot

It’s a scary time when a person loses their beloved pet. North Americans are treating their animals more and more like family members, rather than ‘just’ an animal. This can mean that should the beloved family dog escape, it can be extremely traumatizing for everyone involved.

Philip Rooyakkers, CEO of PiP (Positive Identification of Pets), lost one of his dogs two years ago, and knows that fear that comes with the uncertainty of knowing if the dog is okay or not. Due to this event in his life he has now released an iPhone application to help people become reunited with their lost pets.

The app is extremely easy to use, best set up before anything happens its as simple as uploading a picture with a short description to PiP. Should the pet become lost or stolen an amber alert is issued.

“We will broadcast out, 10 to 15 mile radius to every veterinarian clinic, every animal rescue agency, control agency. We’ll also post onto any of the websites. So, things like Craigslist and PetFinder” says Rooyakkers.

The application works by using a human related facial recognition software that is approximately 98% accurate. If the dog is found the picture of the dog can be uploaded onto PiP and the app will tell if there is a match in the system.

BC SPCA is raising praises for this software, hoping that the hundreds of animals who never make it home will have a better chance of getting to their owners. Philip simply hopes that no one else has to go through the painful loss he went through with his dog.

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