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Vancouver 2010: Country Pride Through Color Choices in Clothing


The Olympics have always put a strong emphasis on color. More specifically, the Olympic rings showcase continental individualism as well as unity through color. Each color, blue, yellow, black, green and red represent a specific continent for example: Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and America respectfully. But that is at a larger, more broad spectrum.

2010 Games Reflection

Olympic Rings
International Olympic Commitee

In order to reflect back on the 2010 games, color clearly was very important. In the opening ceremony, each athlete and coach was dressed in clothing representative of their country's flag: red, white, and blue for the United States and red, white, and green for Italy, etc. These colors then were showcased in most events as well. For instance, Apolo Ohno in different shades of blue and Shaun White in a plaid pattern of red, white, and blue.


Color was an important facet for the athletes, because it promotes nationalism and individualism (because not all uniforms were the same in each sport). Thus, it shows that when using color, it is possible to create very different pieces by utilizing different fit, pattern and cut.

However, some countries/athletes only sported one color specific to their country, whereas some didn't choose to showcase any. For instance, men's down-hill skier and designer, Ted Ligety, chose to represent the United States as well as himself by creating a sport-specific bodysuit in the color combination of orange, his signature neon green, and white. Secondly, Japanese speed-skating athletes wore their bodysuits in a gold color variation similar to the foils wrapping Taco Bell menu items. Obviously, they didn't mind sticking out by distinguishing themselves from other athletes.

Olympic-Sized Lessons

Take this from the Olympics on your next shopping trip: pick outfits and/or pieces for reasons important to you. Represent something, anything (within reason of course). Find a unique combination of colors alone or colors and country specific styles such as: kimono necklines. Otherwise stick out and don't be afraid to be an individual in a sea of unity. Extend dramatic choices through one piece. Because unlike Japanese Olympian bodysuits, shiny gold in one article of clothing covering the entire body, can be excessive for everyday wear.

Nearby Opportunities

Visit The Somerset Collection in Troy and/or Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi and walk into numerous stores, H&M, Pacific Sunwear, Betsey Johnson, etc. picking pieces from each. Not only will you have easily made numerous outfits, but you will have also created something individualized with pieces from different styles.

That in itself is what the Olympics stand for. Come in as an individual within a team bleeding pride and leave as an individual with new aspirations, thoughts, respect, and memories of other countries.


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