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Van Houten sextuplets: Father dies of heart attack while setting up trampoline

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The Van Houten sextuplets have lost their father after Ben Van Houten died of a heart attack while setting up a trampoline for the youngsters, UPI reported on April 11.

Van Houten, of Holland, Mich., who has sextuplets who are six years old and also a seven year old, died at age 39 on Wednesday after a sudden heart attack.

The Van Houten sextuplets made headlines worldwide when they were born in January 2004, joining a big sister. The Van Houten sextuplets became Michigan’s first set of sextuplets to all survive, the New York Daily News said.

The Van Houten sextuplets, like most children in multiple births, were tiny at birth, with the largest weighing only 2 pounds, 1 ounce. Two of the Van Houten sextuplets have cerebral palsy.

Ben Van Houten loved spending time with the sextuplets and their older sister, said his father-in-law, Calvin Reimink. Van Houten was setting up a trampoline in their yard and playing with the kids when he was suddenly struck by the heart attack, Reimink said. Van Houten’s own father had died of heart problems at a young age, 40, as well.