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Van Halen keeping busy in early 2014

Most of the members of Van Halen have been hard at work lately – just not with the rumored new album for which fans have been hoping.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 20: Van Halen perform on stage during 2013 STONE Music Festival at ANZ Stadium on April 20, 2013 in Sydney, Australia.
Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

On March 21, David Lee Roth released the second episode of the second season of his internet talk show “The Roth Show.” He spent much of the 35-minute show discussing more of the plot and backstory of “The New York City Way” – a musical, “a kind of Broadway musical” he's writing and first shared with fans last month, in the season premiere of “The Roth Show.”

Back on February 20, Roth and Beach Boy singer Mike Love performed “California Girls” – a hit for the Beach Boys in 1965 and Roth in 1985 – at the Society of Singers' 21st ELLA Award, at the Beverly Hill Hilton (Calif.). “Look at all these smiling faces here tonight!” Roth said from the stage. “I'm supposed to make a small address here, I don't know how small it can be – these are clearly mentors. If you tear open the first Van Halen album, beach sand falls out. We picked up the ball a few summers after you fellas.”

Meanwhile, a “Guitar World” interview (April 2014) with Kiss bassist Gene Simmons and guitarist Paul Stanley dredged up a decades-old rumor that had Eddie Van Halen talking to Simmons about wanting to abandon Van Halen for Kiss back in 1982.

Simmons still insists it happened: “That is true. And he was very serious. He was so unhappy about how he and [David Lee] Roth were – or weren't – getting along. He couldn't stand him.”

Stanley remembers otherwise: “I never heard that... There was real dissension in the band at that time. But as far as wanting to join Kiss? No, not that I know about.”

The Van Halen News Desk quickly got on the case and dug up an interview Eddie did in 1995, refuting Simmons' claim.

When asked if he met with the members of Kiss to discuss leaving his band to join them, the guitarist responded: “Not that I know of... Unless I was so f**ked up I don't remember? They might have asked me?”

Eddie's son and bandmate, Wolfgang, spent the end of January on a cruise ship with Mark Tremonti and the other members of Tremonti's solo band, as part of ShipRocked 2014 – a heavy metal and hard rock musical festival at sea.

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