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Van City Council considers pit bull and Rottweiler ban tomorrow


  • LT 5 years ago

    The dog was CHAINED, HELLO!!!!!!!!! How about watching your KID??????????? It's not like the dog hunted the kid down, he was CHAINED!

  • fr0gman 5 years ago

    The dog was chained! There is a huge volume of information about chained dogs being more prone to biting. A more logical torch for the grandfather to bear would be to pass a law banning chain dogs. This is not a breed issues it is a confinement issue.

    Please read this:

  • Profile picture of Laura Dapkus
    Laura Dapkus 5 years ago

    I actually don't support tethering bans because for some dogs it is the safest and most humane confinement method. I've met many happy and well-socialized dogs who happen to stay on chains while the owner is gone, rather than in a crate. These are high-drive dogs who would shred a crate and be miserable.

    However, a tethered dog must be protected from other animals and children. The dog must be free from entanglements (chaining to a tree is not safe). If there are neighbors, you still must have a decent fence. The dog must be properly socialized and exercised. You can't just "set it and forget it" because dogs will be dogs. In this case, the dog was not confined safely and the child was not supervised, which is a prescription for disaster.

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