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Vampiric entertainment in Johnson City

Fuzzy Holes, Johnson City’s premier venue for adult entertainment, has an event that has customers shaking in their seats; Night of the Immortals.

Friday nights, the ladies of Fuzzy Holes become the dark and seductive undead. A fully choreographed show is performed three times a night starting at 10 pm. The dancers follow music from various soundtracks like that of Queen of the Damned and Bram Stoker’s Dracula as well as other gothic songs to set the mood. Each dancer also has a vampire character revolving around the vampire leader, Persephone, played by Fuzzy Holes’ Alexis.

In between shows, the dancers perform stage shows to gothic and rock music still in character so as to never ruin the ambiance. Dancers are not the only mood setters. Coffins, red and black paint, and costumed mannequins also give the adult night club the feel of a dungeon full of dark passions.  

While Fuzzy Holes offers an event every open night, like Thursday’s costume night and the rumors of a bondage themed night in the future, Night of the Immortals is the most alluring by far with the beautiful vampire vixens and she-devils.


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