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Vampires on the loose

Remember when vampires were actually scary, and not really much of a social elite club? Like when Kiefer Sutherland was in Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys and it was hard to even imagine a world of vampires without capes and cheesy fangs and dripping syrup for effects?

1992 brought us Kuzui's Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie), and that was another dose of high schoolers faced to deal with a big, worldwide problem of bloodsuckers.  Five years later, Joss Whedon starts the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series and it had quite the following back then...and apparently it still does. 

The market is currently swamped with vampires in every facet from books to TV to merchandise.  The Twilight Saga is geared toward tweens but it was created by a thirty-something mother, so where's the wrong in an older crowd being attracted to it as well? The same older crowd who record/"DVR" Buffy and Angel re-runs almost daily, or watch the TV show Bones as they reminisce on David Boreanaz's vampire days.

Vampire Diaries (a teen TV series) seems like it is more difficult for an older crowd to latch onto. And while the authors and creators dispute any similarities or inspiration from Twilight because the Vampire Diaries were books long before Twilight was created, the series is nothing like the books of the 1990's. Maybe that's why the show doesn't get the buzz and reputation of Twilight products. 

Regardless of popularity, though, the current vampire market seems to play on teens' emotions.  While still reaching out to the "darker sides of the soul" (or at least attempting this feat) the books, shows, etc. all seem to hit levels of teenage morals the simpler vampires of 1980's and 90's didn't seem to face in such a short time frame or in such heavy doses. Sure, sexuality and seduction were still prevalent in shows like Buffy and its spin-off Angel, but it was a very long time before those factors were introduced into the series.

For a new generation of vampires for the older generations of vampire lovers to watch, HBO offers True Blood. Yes, boys and girls,it's on cable, which means it's meant for adults and there's very little guilt in adults watching a grownup show for a least until another re-run of Buffy is available to watch.

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