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Vampires, magic and the triumph of good over evil

Light showing the way
Light showing the way
(Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

We all know, deep in our hearts, the horror stories and friendly stories alike that involve vampires and magic are only make believe. Vampires are a fabrication of someone’s imagination. Magic’s sole purpose is to practice “slight of hand,” or deceive the viewer making them think that what is happening is real. In the best of these stories, good always triumphs over evil, even if the battle is prolonged and painful. So then, why does the Catholic Church teach us not to attend movies or read the novels about vampires and magic?

The answer stems from a priest’s sermon during which he discussed the ownership of chocolate. He owns the chocolate; it does not own him, so he did not give up the chocolate as a physical mortification in a time of fasting and abstinence. He was comfortable in his ability to resist the temptation of chocolate.

Are we all so comfortable in our ability to resist temptation and believe that the stories about vampires – even “good vampires” - are just stories and not real? Can we always see the trick in the magic and not believe that it is real? Fantasy is a tremendous temptation. The Catholic Church teaches us to put temptation behind us and not to participate in stories of vampires and magic.

There is no such thing as a “good vampire.” Based on commonly recognized make-believe stories of vampires, they are humans that are not alive, but will not die. They are inherently evil because they must kill to survive in their “undead” state. Good can triumph over evil, but it is not possible to bring good from evil.

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