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Vampires and zombies proven to exist in America, Obama’s reality phony FOX

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Intelligent adults believe that vampires and zombies are fantasies created by immature minds, but the reality of their existence has been proven by Bill O’Reilly! The vampires leading the Democrat Party, who are sucking the life out of the American economy under the king of their kind, are mesmerizing their zombie followers through the lamestream media. Obamaville inhabitants were exposed to the world in their belief that the scandals enveloping their imperious leader are creations of TEA Party heretics at FOX News.

O’Reilly exposes liberal zombies enthralled by vampire leaders

President Obama laughed in O’Reilly’s face at his interview during the Super Bowl pre-game show. The reporter of “The No Spin Zone” was spun about by the president who confessed that the scandals surrounding his administration are phony creations of people like O’Reilly at FOX News. While those at FOX News spent the next few days discussed Obama’s skill at not answering questions, liberal media pundits attacked FOX not deferring to the president’s view of reality.

Obama declared that all of the scandals have been investigated and proven to be false, including those that are on-going like the IRS investigation wherein the prime suspect pled the fifth and resigned her position. While in the real world of the TEA Party Ambassador Chris Stevens was abandoned and left to die at the hands of Islamist terrorists, in Obamaville Stevens got himself killed in a riot over a movie. Barack Obama, aka Barry Sotero, has never had a problem in recreating the truth and being believed by his rabid followers, even when he lied to their faces and said about their losing their insurance coverage to ObamaCare, “What I really said was, ‘if your plan doesn’t change,’” and not that plans were grandfathered into the new law.

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