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Vampires and technology all at once? Sure, why not!

Typically the articles on this column are more along the lines for computer and tech based content --but this had to be shared! Computer games fit into this category too. It is no coincidence that most people whom call themselves nerds enjoy both tech and folklore. The rise of technology it has only increased the vast amount of information available about myths and legends.

With the popularity of the Twilight saga; vampire games have also become a pop-culture phenomenon. No there isn't any official Twilight game series currently on the market. There is, however, a game that has become very popular called Immortal Day. That is what this article is all about! It is about another hit vampire and folklore related story that has spread thanks to technology.

First let's look at what Wikipedia has to say about vampire games.
This includes games where the player character is a vampire, or where a vampire is the primary antagonist, as well as games which feature vampires as the primary enemy variant. Games which feature dhampirs, half-vampires, in the same way are also included. ( )

Immortal Day is a great online browser game featuring vampires, lycans, hungers, hybrids, as well as zombies! You can think something along the lines of the Underworld movie series; but in game form!

Something else that is great is that the game is.. free to play! It is suggested for people 17 and older. The game is frequently updated and has a large interactive community. According the the offical Immortal Day Facebook page, they have nearly 8,000 likes.

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