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Vampires, action, and undying love drip from the pages of BLOOD NATION

BLOOD NATION - The White Vampire by Ed Hickok
BLOOD NATION - The White Vampire by Ed Hickok
Ed Hickok

BLOOD NATION – The White Vampire.

I have to begin with full disclosure. I know the author of this book very well. In fact, I AM the author. That being said, I won’t heap on mounds of praise but, instead, attempt to paint you a true picture of what this novel is about and reveal a bit of my history.

Local Denver Author, Ed Hickok, does not fill his pages with your typical vampire tale. In BLOOD NATION – The White Vampire black shadows do not stalk the unwary, because when these vampires thirst, they turn to their master, their god, The Angel of Destruction, Victor Abaddon. He arranges their feedings. Victor regulates and rules. He is quick to offend and quicker to punish. He demands only one simple thing of his blood nation – that all view him with awe.

When Marrock and his girlfriend, Jewel, are captured by the undead, the vampire god chooses her to be his queen and forces Marrock to entertain the vampire masses by fighting with a sword in the arena. But Marrock does not surrender his love easily. Using secrets his parents hid long ago in the dark caverns below Castle Shadowcrest, Marrock attempts to start an uprising, unite the living, and topple the dark lord who rules.

But the god is hungry, and Jewel has little time.

Hickok began his writing career while living in Sweden. He wrote, produced, and hosted television programming, several of his shows airing nationally. One program aired two times a day, every day, for ten years on Swedish national cable. Upon moving to Colorado, he joined The Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and Pikes Peak Writers.

“Joining a critique group in Denver,” Hickok says, “was one of the best choices for my career that I could make. I learned the craft, learned to take criticism, and learned to analytically appraise my pages. An author needs to throw out the ego.”

What’s Hickok’s best advice for new authors? “You’ve probably heard something like this before, but it’s true. Read. Read more. Write. Re-write. Don’t give up. Don’t quit your day job. Buy a dog who’ll love you even if you’re poor. Keep writing.”

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