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Vampire Trucker: FBI searching for victims of twisted trucker nationwide

The FBI is looking for victims of the “Vampire Trucker," who is a man that made deliveries across the United States and police believe there are victims who haven’t come forward yet. Tim Vafeades wore fake vampire teeth when he abducted women and abused them both physically and sexually, according to Fox News on June 13.

FBI is looking for victims of the "Vampire Trucker," a man who wore fake vampire teeth and abducted women for sex and held them captive in his truck. This man rolled through New England so FBI is looking for any victims in the Northeast and the entire U.S

The man dubbed the Vampire Trucker was arrested in Minnesota in November and while police know of two of his victims, they are sure there are more out there that haven’t come forward. This man abducted his own daughter and another woman and held them both for months as captives in the cab of his truck.

One of the many bizarre habits of this perpetrator is to file his victim’s teeth down into fangs that resemble a vampire. When the women were held in his cab he forced them to have sex and watch child porn. He beat the women and strangled them to keep control over his captives.

This guy has a lot of folks angered but none more than the many good truck drivers out there. Gerald Knoell, who is a truck driver and whose father was a truck driver, is furious that this guy would “use our image in that way.” He is a proud truck driver but he feels when the public hears reports like this it tarnishes truckers.

According to the Bangor Daily News today, agents are looking for victims in Maine. So far the police know he has traveled through at least 18 states, the man also “rolled into Vermont,” so New England is a place that may harbor some victims.

Today Vafeades is being held in a Utah jail without bail. His next court appearance is later this month and the FBI can really use the public’s help in finding any more victims of the Vampire Trucker. Investigators believe his crimes span over the last two and a half decades.

They also hope that the bizarre details of the man wearing fake vampire teeth and the horrific deed of filing down victim’s teeth to look like they have fangs will bring out more victims.

Even a dentist out there might remember fixing a woman’s teeth that had been filed down to look like fangs. Police are looking through other abduction cases over the past 25 years to see if any of the details fit some unsolved cases.

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