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Vampire subculture or LARP gone dangerously wrong

Subculture or Medical dysorder
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

The vampire subculture has been around for decades, yet now the members and their real lifeblood donors, are facing criticism. If anything, let us call these folks long term Live Action Vampire Role Players, or LAVRP’ers for short, for they are born, not bitten. These followers of the Vampire lifestyle should not be included nor associated with the foam sword wielding, cloaked mages, and armored weekend warriors that defend their presumed clans.

These people practice bloodletting, and the consumption of their donor’s blood. They sharpen their canine teeth, have fang implants, and go as far as sleeping in a coffin. This is no longer a role-play to them, as it is a lifestyle.

At an age where HIV/ AIDS have been explained, taught, and fully vetted to the possible ways of transmission. Why would anyone take the risk?

For one, these people may actually have a medical disorder, Renfield's syndrome, go ahead, and chuckle at the irony of the disease’s name. Yet for the people who have it, they believe they are actually receiving power, and feel euphoria from the act of letting, and consuming blood. Their imagined power outweighs the regretful thoughts as to the contents of that blood.

One United Kingdom Scientist created a questionnaire to help identify these individuals, to try to understand the phenomenon more clearly. He was able to identify 15,000 individuals who described themselves as vampires, along with a shocking 30,000 individuals acknowledging that they have donated blood to the same said vampires. That number is thought to identify only the most brazen of the UK subculture; now multiply that number times the rest of the mainstream countries; resulting in a number soaring into the hundreds of thousands.

Now as far as the true immortal Vampires of the world, are there any? Would they be flattered at the imitation of their lives, or dismayed at the mockery of what it is to be Vampire? Do they laugh at the foolish humans, or are they planning retribution? Would an immortal being be that brazen to allow knowledge of their existence?

These questions and countless others surround the immortal beings of our fascination; will we ever be able to answer the many whys?

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