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Vampire ennui: Book review of ‘A History in Blood’ by Chris DeFazio

Book Cover

Listen if you are damned to walk the Earth until the end of time you are bound to, at some epoch, to have a serious “Case of the Mondays.” Two thousand year old vampire Julian Brownwell is having one of those days. He has been committed to living life as a human (originally drawn in because of love for a long gone dog) he is married to an attractive woman and has a vacation house at the beach. He makes due as an emergency doctor at a local hospital while his wife works for a swindler type of real estate king. Life is fine if not great until the Mrs. broadsides him with a request for a divorce.

A History in Blood is Chris DeFazio’s first book of a planned trilogy. It is a vampiric suspense mystery novel with humorous overtones along with some erotic undertones thrown in for good measure. Like anyone who has been ceremoniously dumped Julian has to find a way to get his groove back and although he is touched by the various offers of offing his soon to be ex, he feels that killing her is not the way to go. In other words, he is a big lug of a vampire who has a sprinkling of a soft side of Teddy Bear in him.

This isn’t to say he is not above killing because, you know, if a vampire is going to get back in the game those biological waste containers that held blood samples Julian got from his ER job are not going to cut it anymore – blame the game, not the player. Besides, who wants those travel-size bottles when they can have the whole liquor store! However there is a certain etiquette that goes with exsanguination when enmeshing yourself to a larger vampire community. Even for a two millennium old bloodsucker that most young vamps look up to as a rock star there are dos and don’ts, especially now with an organized vampire killing force making strides into blood sucking strongholds. One of my favorite tidbits of the book was that these anti-vampire jihadists were based in Iowa – just a hundred smiles (make that sucks) away from Kansas City!

I enjoyed A History in Blood and look forward to the second novel. DeFrazio introduced several different fun vampire personalities and distinguished his storyline from other vampire universes. Call me silly, but I like my immortal beings to be able to walk around during the day in the sun (something they can do a few years after being turned in DeFrazio’s book) and to be able to eat real food despite the fact that they also need blood. Otherwise eternity is going to consist of nightclubs and car-jacking victims…and I really hate nightclubs.

I recommend A History in Blood for any vampire series reader along with anyone wanting something light and breezy to read during the summer months. It was a fun fast book with a bunch of laughs. It wasn’t overly romantic although I suspect that there might be a Romeo and Juliet situation arising in the future novels (Can a girl from Iowa find her soul mate in a vampire former Roman soldier?) but I suppose we will all have to wait and see. If anything, maybe Julian will find another good dog.

Happy reading!

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