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Vampire drinks: Will you buy them?


With the end of vampire mania nowhere to be seen, the products that help promote the genre just keep emerging! I actually saw my first glimpse of the Tru Blood beverage at a midnight DVD release party for New Moon here in Memphis. It must be a very tasty drink because most of the crowd was seen guzzling a bottle as if they were needing to quench a thirst that could not be sated. Now, Tru Blood is not the only vampire drink available to the public. Take a look at the products below and tell us what you think. Would you buy any of them? If so, would you actually drink them or just add them to your vampire memorabilia?

Blood Energy Potion

From the makers of Mana and Health Energy Potion, the new Blood Energy Potion is described as a sweet fruit punch drink that has a similar nutritional make up as real blood with the same blood consistency but not the same blood taste and also claims to give you 4 hours of energy. Oh, and you get to drink it from your own re-sealable IV transfusion bag!  Individually these little bags will cost you $4.49 each plus shipping. Contains no real blood, just synthetic.


Tru Blood Beverage

Tru Blood is a carbonated slightly tart, lightly sweet, blood-orange drink that is sold for $16  a four pack and $96 for a 24 pack plus shipping.  And it's also a preferred drink of Bill Compton. According to the website, the Tru Blood beverage features a stunning bottle design that is an exact replica of bottles featured on show, stained in rich red with raised English lettering and matching Japanese Kanji!14 ounces per bottle.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Soda by Jones Soda

Jones Soda now has a limited edition of bottled soft drinks available for you Buffy fans. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Soda can be purchased for $12.99 a 6 pack or 21.99 for a 12 pack plus shipping. The six different flavors include Buffy's Blue Bubblegum, Dawn's a Centaur Root Beer, Xander's Strawberry Lime Elixer, Twilight's Old Moon Orange & Cream, Willow's Green Apple Witch's Brew, and Giles's Grape Potion.

Vampire Vineyards Wine

Vampire Vineyards has a great variety of products available on their site and their wine seems to be very affordable. With prices ranging from $8.95 to  $119.95 there is a nice gift to be found for someone.  Also available is Vampire Vodka, a Vampire Energy drink and a drink called Dracola. Take a look at the site and read the interesting story about Vampire Vineyards on the home page.


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  • maggiemay 5 years ago

    Nah. They're all too expensive and the most important thing missing is - I see NO DIET. ROFL.

  • Raelynn 5 years ago

    Well, I think I am going to try the Vampire Vineyards wine. My daughter is having a vampire scavenger hunt next week for her birthday and I think I'll have some wine with the adults after the children have gone home. :)

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    no i wouldnt buy anything from simply on the basis of who owns/runs it. Michael Machat is a serial sue fiend who tries to go after other peoples stuff (see machat vs Thompson on google) where machat lost the case and now he is sttempting to sue martha stewart but it appears now theres a good chance that HBO and may want to join forces and sue HIM for copying their TRUEBLOOD drinks and DRACULA wine. Wouldnt THAT be poetic justice !!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    ive been told by a former member of staff that michael machat visits romania and brings back porn which would be illegal in the usa. yet he it seems has not been investigated for this. why ? i think the police are probably afraid he knows the law too well. what a scum bag.

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