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'Vampire Diaries' star Candice Accola spills secrets on Caroline's love life

Caroline Forbes
Caroline Forbes

The Vampire Diaries might be about vampires, witches and werewolves but fans are little less concerned about doppelganger and the Travelers, and more about when there favorite ship will happen. So who's the main character involved in all these couplings, Caroline Forbes. There are shippers of Taroline (Tyler and Caroline), Klaroline (Klaus and Caroline), and Steroline (Stefan and Caroline) yet with the introduction of new guy Enzo will there be another shipper group on the horizon. Actress Candice Accola, who plays the bubbly yet feisty Caroline, talks about the future of the characters love life.

In an episodes to come the blonde vamp will find herself spending some alone time with Damon's buddy Enzo. Could sparks fly between these two? According Accola, it's every unlikely "There's no immediate relationship between these characters. Caroline is not the biggest fan of Damon and considering Enzo is Damon's new sidekick, I can't see her necessarily falling head over heels for Enzo."

Now the big question on long time VD fans minds, will Steroline happen this season? "As far as a romantic relationship, we're not going to see Stefan and Caroline develop into that. But we are going to see their friendship develop." Thus Steroline shippers, including myself, cry for the hope these two series regulars will become an item.

One relationship that is certainly up in the air, Taroline. The pair haven't been on friendly terms every since Klaroline steam hookup was revealed. "At this point in the series, I think once Caroline is able to let go of her guilt fully, and it's more of an ego bruise for Tyler. It really depends on where the writers want to go with these characters in their friendship. Personally, if it were actually me, that would be a very difficult thing to forgive."

Although, fans have their favorite couplings the actress likes the new single Caroline. "I think it's been really fun to watch Caroline on her own, especially because she's grown into such an independent character."