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'Vampire Diaries' highlights of 'Rescue Me' and spoilers to 'Resident Evil'

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Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Thursday March 27, 2014 the CW aired the "Vampire Diaries" episode titled "Rescue Me" and Damon and Elena fans felt their hearts break a tiny bit. Damon and Elena broke up after he told her that he killed her friend after she ripped his heart out, only fans know it was Catherine who ripped his heart out. After they admitted it was over they fell into bed together. "Rescue Me" began the morning after. Elena wound up doing the walk of shame as she rushed out, reconfirming that it was a mistake and it really was over, to meet Jeremy's teachers for a parent/teacher conference. The problem is, Elena was not listed as the primary contact, Damon was. So the two spent the day hearing how Jeremy was failing at school and flirting dangerously with each other.

After Elena saw a vision of Damon and her locked away in an empty classroom she decided she needed some air. It was then that Liv attacked her and tried to kill her. Damon came to Elena's rescue and decided to torture the new witch for information. It was this scene that they discovered that the travelers were coming for Elena because the last doppleganger would be probably be killed tonight (Caroline was sent to kill the human doppleganger of Stefan in Atlanta). They also learned the travelers were step siblings to the witches and the witches would do anything to keep Elena from the travelers. Just as Damon was arguing with Elena about killing Liv Jeremy came to the rescue and offered help to the travelers and saved Liv's life.

Of course Elena confronted Jeremy for his behavior in school and he made it clear as a hunter he had more important things to worry about than school. Jeremy decided to move out which was the nail in the coffin for Elena and Damon's relationship. Elena decided they were toxic for each other, they were toxic to everyone they cared about so she left despite the fact that she still loves him.

While all of this is happening Caroline is working hard to save Stefan all she has to do is kill his human doppleganger who happens to be a really nice guy. She can't do it but Damon's best bud can. Stefan and Caroline wind up getting closer as they fall asleep in the back of a truck bed outside the traveler's camp. They wake up to the sound of another chant session. They investigate and watch as the travelers one by one drink Stefan's blood and then are burned to a crisp by their leader. The final scene in this week's episode shows a large number of travelers using Bonnie as passage to the other side. There are so many that she passes out and her shadow, in the form of a rather large man walks away. Didn't catch the episode? You can watch it here on the CW show page.

The teaser video of "Resident Evil" which is scheduled to air April 17, 2014 shows Elena having dreams of Stefan steamy dreams with kids around. The dreams seem more like visions and apparently Stefan is having the same visions. Caroline enlists help from Damon. Of course this puts some uncomfortable tension between Damon and Elena (remember in "Rescue Me" it is still obvious Elena and Damon are still in love but she still ends it because they are toxic to the people around them). Some other interesting developments in the next episode will be that Bonnie will have a disturbing visit from Grams who tells her about the dangerous changes on the other side and in a scene where we discover Enzo is looking for a lost love he offers Damon unwanted relationship advice.

It is a good assumption to think the travelers are behind the steamy dreams/visions between Elena and Stefan especially after their last moves in "rescue me".

What are your thoughts? Which team are you on, Damon or Stefan? What about the connection deepening between Caroline and Stefan? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts.

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