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Vampire Diaries brings Elena and Stefan back together

Ian, Nina, and Paul
Ian, Nina, and Paul
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Remember when the entire Vampire Diaries gang would work together to figure out how to solve their problems? The gang of humans, vampires, witches, and so on got together to figure everything out. Today they are all working toward the same cause, but not together. Therefore they are missing facts about what is really happening. Instead of jumping to conclusions, they should be working together to figure out what the travelers are really after. If they were working together they would realize whatever it is they are up to it isn’t good and it seems to involve hurting if not killing Stefan and Elena.
Speaking of Stefan and Elena, can’t they get back together already? Remember back to the beginning of Vampire Diaries time, when the entire show revolved around the two of them and their love story. Remember when Stefan was locked away under water, and Elena had this special connection with him that she knew he was in trouble, when no one else did. Their doppelgangers are meant to be together. This fact has been presented several times throughout the series. It is clearly meant to be, but why does the show get so far away from this important fact?
The whole Elena and Damon thing isn’t the worst idea in the world, and has grown on viewers over time, but it feels like an epic waste of time. It seems to be a way for the writers to stall a future romantic getaway for Stefan and Elena. Plus, Caroline and Stefan are so wrong together. Maybe it is because of Caroline’s past. She dated Damon before any of them knew that vampires existed. She should know better than to date Stefan, Elena’s one true love. They all know deep down that Elena still loves Stefan, they have to. If not they are lying to themselves.
Carolina and Stefan wake to the travelers making their move. The leader of the travelers has them all drink Stefan and Elena’s blood before lighting the entire group on fire. What is their plan? We then witness the travelers passing through to the other side through Bonnie, but is it too much for her to stand? Bonnie seems to pass out onto the floor. Then a shadow passes from within Bonnie, and a man appears. The travelers somehow opened the doorway for a spirit to pass back into our world through Bonnie. Who is the surprise returner? What do the travelers want with him? What will he do to Stefan and Elena?
The next episode is not until April 17th, and it is apparent through the previews that the connection between Stefan and Elena gets more intense. We already know they belong together, but why do Stefan and Elena start having vivid dreams of a life with one another? Don’t miss the April 17th episode for more.