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'Vampire' cult reportedly residing in northern Italy

Today in the Italian news site "The Local," there is a 'vampire' cult in northern Italy. They are said to be possibly drinking animal and human blood, which it looks like that they only drink only from each other.

This is all according to Professor Giuseppe Bisetto, who believes that in two northern Italian provinces, Veneto and Treviso, there is a rise in a cult that believe that they are undead creatures. His claims are based on testimonies by young adults, who say that they were required to drink the blood of their 'master' in order to join the cult.

Giuseppe Bisetto gave a conference in Treviso about the vampire cult and called it "a real and alarming social phenomenon." He also believes that the capital of the cult is in the city of Trieste.

Biseetto thinks that the members of the cult come from family breakdowns and social ill.

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