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Valve squashes rumors of accusatory big brother activity

Everyone's favorite social news and entertainment website, Reddit, posted the possibility that Valve has been collecting user's web search data in an attempt to log their most frequented sites. The Reddit post supposed that Valve's anti-cheating software was peering into each user's Microsoft PC, while recording the data created after visiting websites.
The post went on to suggest that the retrieved data is sent back to Valve, furthering the speculation that the developer has been infringing on the user's right to privacy. If this speculation morphed into a truism, than the news would be a bit heartbreaking to many of Valve's constituents. Luckily, the U.S is a society in which everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
Valve boss, Gabe Newell, defended their actions, saying that they only grabbed a couple people’s data, and only those that have been using particularly invasive cheat-software, in order to ban their activity.
To break this down further, Mr. Gabe Newell explained that a large amount of people have been using and sharing special cheats during multi-player games such as Counter Strike, Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2. To fight this epidemic, Valve’s anti-cheat software basically monitors the Windows log to search for the names of particularly popular black market cheat sellers. Once the PC used to sell and use the cheats is located, only then does the anti-cheat program zero in and ban the user.
By and large, this is essentially what gamers want to see happen. When more and more people use these cheats during multi-player games, it completely zaps every ounce of fun from the game. Especially when most players wish to test their skills against other skilled users, instead of getting their hymen handed to them unfairly by over buffed characters.
"Is Valve using its market success to go evil? I don't think so, but you have to make the call if we are trustworthy," he wrote. "We try really hard to earn and keep your trust." Gabe Newell explained on his Reddit Post.
It is reported that so far 570 users have been banned by this anti-cheat software. As a result, these users have ceased using these servers that Valve is now regularly patrolling. Gabe Newell went on to say that they are in no way watching where everyone goes on the internet. Furthermore, people place their trust in Valve’s servers, meaning that more people are likely to stop using them if cheaters frequent these multi-player matches.
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