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Valve's Steam Machine pushed back to a 2015 release date

Steam Machine
Steam Machine
uncr - Wikimedia Commons

Valve, the company behind the popular PC game download service, Steam have announced that they will be pushing back the release date of their highly anticipated Steam Machine until 2015. The report that was released yesterday May 27, says the reason for the delay is because the company needs extra time to work on the wireless controller.

The report that was released on Steam states that after a trial period, the company received a ton of useful information and feedback on the wireless controller, and the company aims to take that feedback and make the controller even better. The original Steam controller was announced back in 2013, and even then the controller had been in development for two years. The controller as it stands now features two touchpads instead of the more traditional analog sticks that are found on both Sony's PS4 controller, and Microsoft's Xbox One, and Xbox 360 controllers.

In the post on Steam, Valve's Eric Hope did not mention the upcoming Linux based Steam operating system, nor did Hope mention if the other 14 companies who plan to release Steam hardware will be pushing back the release date of their Steam Machines. The popular belief is that Steam Machines that were to be released by Gigabyte, Zotac and CyberPowerPC would launch with the dedicated Steam Controller, but Alienware announced earlier on this year that they would be releasing their own controller with the Steam Machine that they will be bringing to market this coming September.

There is no doubt that this setback will be a massive let down to those who wanted to have a living room based PC that is intended to only play games. Many in the PC world see the Steam Machine as the savior of the PC as a gaming platform, and as a direct rival to the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. The delay because of the controller will frustrate many, but will possibly make people understand why Microsoft spent more than $1 billion dollars designing their latest Xbox One controller.

Source: Steam