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Valuing womanhood, valuing completeness

We value ourselves
We value ourselves

-The movie Girl Rising (

-The kidnapping of over two hundred Nigerian girls who were taking their final exams in earlier this month (April, 2014).

-The backlash attitude toward women’s progress in the US.

-Cosmos TV episode on astronomy showing the reluctant historical attitude towards the valuable contributions of women

These events of just one week highlight a particular attitude toward women.

The root of the problem is

-the belief in separation

-the belief in competition

-the belief in limitation

-the belief in position

-the belief in a kind of superiority.

Whether the belief is cultural, historical, religious, or political, it is time for it to be dissolved.

We are all intelligent, contributing, whole, complete, unselfish, generous, fulfilled members of society.

We all contribute in ways that are appropriate to how we each individually think according to what is important to us.

I am supporting all those who are working for more freedom and individuality.

I am supporting all artists, educators, businesses whose goal is to fulfill needs in society for more expansive expression.

We have learned how to do many wonderful things with the earth’s resources.

One resource which has barely been acknowledged is the unlimited power and value of women.

Let’s help contribute to a more strengthening and beneficent attitude.

Let’s welcome the gifts of women.

Let’s see the completeness of our society through its acknowledgement of the freedom, rights and protection of women to expand their knowledge, their intellect, their particular abilities to make unique contributions based on their own assessments of their strengths.

Let’s contribute to getting sixty-six million more girls in school.

-to lower birth rates

-for greater economic gain

- to eliminate poverty

-to have the freedom to be complete members of society.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

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