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Value - Personal Finance Manager with Budgets, Income & Expense Tracker, Calenda

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Control of finance is the essential part of any successful monetary policy, both on personal and global level. In the modern environment, where the contemporary communication technologies allow for a much broader perspective into any financial state, using the same technology is paramount. Without the aid of 21st century technological advances, tracking the flow of money would be a much harder and ultimately a less successful process.

Value is an app which harnesses the power of modern computing to deliver a fast and very simple way of controlling any financial dealings. This app was developed for the Apple mobile devices, which means that it can offer its features at any moment and in any place, making the users able to stay completely informed when their money is concerned. Value was created for the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod touch, which means that the application is compatible with any of these devices, and it needs the iOS operating system version 7.0 or later editions.

After a new user downloads Value app from the iTunes market, the application's features become available. These include the possibility of tracking any expenses along with income, so that a person can know what amounts of money are being spent and received. Value can set any kind of a budget target and then be used to follow up the flow of money, pointing out where any possible saving can be made. All this is presented in very interesting, yet very clear reports.

Other features of Value include a very modest operation process, so that the mobile device performances will not be hampered by its presents. Any user can create multiple accounts, and easily switch between them, while at the same time using the specialized calendar view. A full search enabled history will allow for easy tracking, and different categories and tags for income and expenses will also help in finding any precise transaction. Setting a budget is very intuitive, and reports can cover any relevant information. Value can use the device’s camera to create a database of physical receipts and bills, while user security is guaranteed through the use of a password.

Additional features include a communication with the iCloud backup option, data export possibilities and a reminder system which will make sure that the users remember all important events or facts. The sheer range of options makes the Valve clearly stand out when it comes to other apps for finance management. Because of its very accessible visual design, its powerful functions will be easily learned by any new user, while apps made by the competition often require weeks of use before users feel comfortable with their functions.

A clear and very versatile monetary tool, Value is an app which can make a big and positive difference to the financial state of any individual.



This is a review by Kevin Bentley. I am not responsible for any of the information obtained in this article / review. All thoughts are his and not mine, nor any other's.


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