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Valoarte: Latin-American Art Exhibition in Meso-America

Valoarte is the name of the event that on an annual basis has been developed in San Jose, Costa Rica, for seventh consecutive years. This Latin-American exhibition that takes place in the Midst of Meso-America is a commercial show that seeks to highlight and promote  the Latin America artistic production  in the area while helping the Non lucrative social foundation Hogar Siembra, dedicated to supporting girls and adolescents at risk.
For the present edition, half of the artists will participate through invitation and the other half by competition. The idea behind this is to ensure the quality of the exhibition while the door keeps wide open for new talent.
Between the artists that had participated in prior editions highlight Cecilia Paredes (Peruvian-USA), Rafael Lopez-Ramos (Cuba-USA), Marijose Teran Guardia (Costa Rica), Jorge Marín (Mexico), Viviana Zargón (Argentina-Spain), Andy Moses (Italy-USA) , Jorge Jiménez Deredia (Costa Rica-Italy, Adán Vallecillo(Honduras), and  Gerardo Echevarría (Argentina).
 Elmar Rojas (Guatemala), Carolina Sardi (Argentina-USA), Ismael Gomez-Peralta (Cuba-USA) and Adriano Buergo (Cuba-USA), among others have already confirmed their participation in this seventh edition of Valoarte, that will be hosted -as is already tradition- in the San Jose’s National Gallery, former Prison and now the house for artists and major social projects.
The museum’s curators, in addition to art critics Esteban Calvo (Costa Rica), Hernan Carrara (Argentin-USA) and Janet Batet (Cuba-USA), form the judging panel responsible for both, the artwork selection and prizewinners.
Clara Astiasarán (Cuba-Costa Rica) is the general coordinator of the Event as well as editor of Artemedia, a quarterly magazine specializing in the the visual arts in Central America.
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