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Valley residents should expect higher heating bills for remainder of winter

Throughout the Northeast and Midwest, many of the largest utility companies are predicting a rise in heating bills for customer this month and continuing for the remainder of the winter.

The rise in price is strictly due to demand. Extremely cold temperatures and multiple snowstorm this winter means people are running their heater systems longer.

DTE Energy, based in Michigan, expects that its 1.2 million gas customers will see a 13% increase in their bills due to the November to January period. Nicor Gas, which is based in Illinois, predicts its consumer could see prices spike by as much as 30%

Con Edison, supplying gas and electricity to over 3 million people in NY, expects February heating bills to increase by 16%. The higher demand for natural gs in heating homes, means that commodity, which is also used to produce electricity, leading to a jump in those bills. Con Edison expects the electric bills to increase by as much 22%.

Lehigh Valley resident heat their homes normally by natural gas, heating oil, or electricity. All are expected to experience price increases for the remainder of the winter to demand.

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