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Valley Ranch, cafeteria style barbeque

Valley Ranch Grill & Barbeque - 249 and Spring Cypress
Valley Ranch Grill & Barbeque - 249 and Spring Cypress
Nathan J. Bonassin

Valley Ranch is a typical cafeteria style barbeque joint. The décor is a mixture of hunting souvenirs and old west style, not uncommon to most barbecue restaurants. However, the quality of food is what sets Valley Ranch apart from other barbeque restaurants. Most of it is ready to go in a steam tray as the line moves along, what is not will take just a few minutes to make. There are party rooms available for group gatherings and the establishment overall gives off a family friendly vibe. Unfortunately, the notable points of Valley Ranch end here.
When I tasted the barbeque sauce, though it was probably homemade which does deserve credit, it tasted strongly of lighter fluid. Fortunately, I ordered the sauce on the side. The ribs were juicy and falling off the bone, but were still reminiscent of a rubber dog toy. The pork was edible but was smoked a bit too long, leaving it dry and hard to chew. The sausage never quite found a balance between the taste of the meat and the taste of spice put in it. My dining partner ordered a baked potato which as it turns out was a smart choice.

For further information: Valley Ranch - 22548 TX-249, Houston, TX, 77070, 281-376-1588.